Challenges and Opportunities for Enterprise Computer Networks: a case study


  • Adis Rahmanović
  • Azra Ćatović
  • Halid Žigić


Computer network enterprises represent a complex structure of ICT infrastructure in enterprises, subject to continuous development, deployment, updating, improvement, but also maintenance. The challenges arising from the planning, implementation, updating, implementation of new services processes are constantly present, and in the context of ever-expanding development and deployment, the deployment of new ICT network services is becoming more sensitive, and challenges are becoming more important. On the other hand, the opportunities provided by the implementation of this type of network are increasing, and companies in the corporate business domain are increasingly dependent on prompt and accurate information in all management domains. New platforms, ICT services are leading to the automation of the entire business of information systems and associated infrastructure, which products have to deploy to all complex enterprise computer networks. Business is increasingly dependent on information management and security infrastructure, so it intends to invest in a platform for greater security and reliability of network infrastructure.